Thursday, November 21, 2019

Communication in the Workplace Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Communication in the Workplace - Essay Example aces in recent times, are highly characterized by low employee morale, poor performance, and rise in conflicts arising out of miscommunication across various levels of the organizational hierarchy (Manning et al., 1999). Effective workplace communication is inevitable for organizations, regardless of their size. This includes giant multinational organizations which are successful and enjoy a strong competitive positioning in the industry. This is because, success leads to hiring of more people, expansion of business, establishment of organizations in various international locations etc. This adds to the existing complexities in communication. In the absence of effective communication, important tasks are left unattended and incomplete; valuable information cannot be communicated properly; and generation of novel and unique business ideas comes to a complete standstill. Furthermore, the absence of proper and well established modes of communication creates dissent and disharmony among the workers, affecting their productivity in the process. Improved communication leads to an improvement in performance, while flawed and inadequate communication leads to conflicts and misunderstandings at the workplace (Guffey, Loewy, 2009). This makes communication – whether horizontal, vertical or diagonal, extremely vital for organizational success. Fear – the employees might hold back from communicating vital information to their superiors for fear of punishments or fines. They may fear negative consequences of their actions, and hence withhold information, from their superiors. In order to avoid such occurrences, the management must take active measures to ensure that all employees across all levels of organizational hierarchy are encouraged to share and communicate any sort of information to their superiors. They must also be given an opportunity to share and resolve their grievances. Such open channels of communication, if provided to the employees, may play a vital

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