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Advertisement for Disneyland Paris Essay Example

Advertisement for Disneyland Paris Paper Question: This is an advertisement for Disneyland Paris. How does the writer try to persuade the reader that Disneyland Paris is an attractive holiday resort for families?  To analyse how the writer tries to persuade the reader that Disneyland Paris is an attractive holiday resort for families I must first assess how the layout and presentational devices make it seem attractive. Firstly there are mainly pictures rather than a lot of text which is good for children because it is easy to convey the message of how wonderful and amazing Disneyland is, through the images to the children. Children do not like to read through lots of text or may not want to. The images are bright and bold especially the centre image of the Kingdom. It looks very powerful and amazing, especially when compared to the size of the people around it. The effect of this element of the image on the reader is that children especially will be in awe of the Kingdom just from looking at the image. The Kingdom draws your attention to the article and the people are bustling rather than busy so this would attract parents who want an exciting but relaxing holiday. All of the families and groups of people look to be having a fun and enjoyable time which creates a free and happy atmosphere where the reader knows that they wont be judged by race and they can have a good time without the usual day to day worries. Each picture creates a different atmosphere appealing to different members of the family which gives the idea that the article is targeted at families because families will have members of varying age range and interests. We will write a custom essay sample on Advertisement for Disneyland Paris specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Advertisement for Disneyland Paris specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Advertisement for Disneyland Paris specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer The image makers are anticipating that their target audience which is mainly children, will expect Disneyland to be a place where dreams come true and this expectation is met through the pictures of the space mountain and Kingdom of Dreams. In both of these pictures the children look to be having the time of their life on the rides, they are all smiling and enjoying the Disneyland experience promised to the reader through both the text and images. The title is very eye catching and seems to sum up the whole of the article. Your Kingdom of Dreams. The most important paragraph at the top left hand corner of the article is also eye catching and draws the attention of the reader because it uses a bold and italic font. Secondly to analyse how the writer persuades the reader that it is an attractive holiday resort for families we must assess how and why specific examples of persuasive language are used. The first paragraph tries to persuade the reader that Disneyland is an amazing place. The writer does this by using vivid vocabulary and powerful adjectives. Such as treasure chest of fantasy. This is also emotive language because it evokes the feeling of happiness and enjoyment. The treasure chest of fantasy also gives the idea that Disneyland Paris is whatever the reader wants it to be. This persuades the reader into going visiting just to experience this fantasy if nothing else. Another powerful persuasive phrase used is a dazzling array of attractions, adventure and sights. This persuades the reader into visiting Disneyland because they want to experience the dazzling sights and the children want to have adventures amongst their favourite Disney characters, also because the phrase uses assonance it sticks in the mind of the reader. The Paragraph under the Main Street USA conveys to the reader the amazing atmosphere to be enjoyed there. The writer has used imagery to evoke a mental picture of the Street to the audience by using phrases such as Music fills the air, horse drawn street cars and quaint shops and restaurants reflecting the char, of turn of the century America. A rhetorical question is also used to persuade you into booking that dream holiday and exploring the wonder of Disneyland. Which will you explore next? It invites the readers to come and explore and find out for themselves what it is like. Which will you explore next? The writer is also assuming that the reader will definitely visit Disneyland because it says which one will you explore next? and not which one would you explore next or which one would you explore if you came to Disneyland? The last thing which I must assess when analysing how the writer tries to persuade the reader that Disneyland is an attractive resort for families, is how successful the advert is in appealing to both children and parents. It appeals to children with the language which it uses and adults are happy if their children are. But equally there are elements in the text which appeal to adults and therefore it is successful in appealing to both groups of people and therefore to families It appeals to children through the text and language used because a lot of it is easy to read and the writer uses simple but effective adjectives which provoke imaginative thoughts and dreams for the child. For example dream and amazing and dazzling. Another way in which the text appeals to children is the phrase Ride it if you dare! This is very cleverly used by the writer because it is an invitation to the child to see whether they are brave enough and this is a powerful device which is likely to be of importance to the child. They can show off to their friends about how brave they were at Disneyland. The kingdom is also like a fairytale castle and magical place. The children can relate to this from their storybooks and other things they have experienced. The parents can relate to the images because especially on the main image there are more adults than children and this is comforting to them because they can see that parents can enjoy the Disney experience as well as children. The parents can also relate to the text as the children may not understand some of the more complex vocabulary and this is obviously aimed at the parents. The prices would appeal to the parents because they would probably be within a budget and would be interested in the value for money and choice of meals. The parents would also be more interested in the quaint shops and restaurants reflecting the charm of turn of the century America because the children will not be interested in the history they will only be interested in the excitement of the place. Where as the history is more of a theme which the adults will be interested in.

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